Daigle Creative client Lutheran Social Services has offered the AIDS Care and Education (ACE) Program since 1992 to provide assistance to people and families who are HIV-positive or living with AIDS.

Justin Bell is one of the countless people that the ACE program has helped here in Jacksonville. The nonprofit monitored his health, offered him financial support and connected him with physicians and peer counselors to support him in his battle against AIDS. Inspired by his journey and the generosity he received from supporters, Justin now gives back to those like him who are living with HIV and AIDS. He is also a community activist who is passionate about encouraging the public to test regularly for HIV and AIDS.

Our public relations team worked with Charlie Patton at the Florida Times Union to share Justin’s incredible story as well as shed light on the Lutheran Social Services ACE program.

Read the full story: http://bit.ly/1yNeqT9

Florida Times Union Feb 3, 2015 Pt 2